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'We decided to change course'

Miquel and Wenda spent their lives on the water. They want to pass on their love for the freedom of sailing to others. That's why they offer business teams of up to eight people a unique experience on board, where guests are immersed in luxury for a day. In the Altena Blue Water Trawler 51 'Adnew' they found their ideal yacht at 4Beaufort.

Miquel: "We are in our element on the water. My girlfriend Wenda grew up with water sports and got her boating license at the age of 18. I myself grew up from childhood on board various sailing ships, with which we made the crossing to England several times. After completing various maritime training courses, I sailed as a captain in West Africa. After that, I started a maritime, international sales career."

Corona crisis as reflection

"Wenda and I have been together for five years now and form a blended family. We both have two children. When the corona crisis came, our busy lives came to a standstill. For example, I couldn't travel for work. The bubble we ended up in gave us pause for thought. The moment when our four teenagers were going to fly out was approaching. Wherever possible, we wanted to enjoy them as much as possible. That's why we decided to change course."

"Wenda had been training as a coach, counselor and trainer since 2014. She wanted to focus on that and started her own company, Adnew. She guides and advises individuals and teams from a special location: a nice greenhouse where you can relax and 'be'. We decided to add another location: a yacht. The plan was to welcome business teams of up to eight people on board for an inspiring team day."

Teams on board

"From departments within companies to management teams and from team meetings to customer reception; The yacht had to offer all the possibilities in the field of business. With that in mind, we started our search for the right ship. Comfort, space and finish were important to us. Preferably created by old Dutch craftsmanship. We had already looked at 1,000 ships via the internet before we found what we were looking for."

"At 4Beaufort we came across an Altena Blue Water Trawler 51. I was lying on the couch with Wenda and said, 'I think I'm a little bit in love'. She perked up and immediately had the same feeling when she looked at the photos. Twice we went to Sneek for a viewing. Then we had the yacht inspected by an independent expert and made a trial run. The enthusiasm was growing."

Luxury experience on the water

"We bought the ship in March 2023. We called it Adnew (Wenda written the other way around). But that wasn't the only change. From floor to curtain, we had the yacht reupholstered. A cockpit tent is also in the making. The season starts on 1 April. Then we will be ready and we will sail Adnew from the winter storage in Akkrum to our berth at Jachthaven Strand Horst in Ermelo, beautifully central in the Netherlands."

"We offer our guests a unique luxury experience on the water. They can choose from three destinations: Harderwijk, Elburg or Spakenburg. In these former Zuiderzee towns, they can take a nice adventure walk. In addition, the teams will be pampered both on the way there and back with a coffee moment, lunch and snack board full of surprises."

Want to know more?

"On board, our business guests experience the tranquility of sailing. Through the fun and unique moments together with their colleagues or customers, new memories and new connections are created. This encourages them to take (re)new steps that they can take with them in their own development. As a team and as individuals. Want to know more? Go to”

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We offer you the best of two worlds when it comes to the sale or purchase of your yacht. If you want to sell your yacht, we can provide you with a brokerage service both from your own permanent berth and from our home port in Sneek. The choice is yours! Would you like to buy a yacht? Then we invite you to view our offer in Sneek or go with you to view your dream yacht on location.

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